How To Replace Wipers – The Right Way

All vehicles have wipers on their windshield. Their function is to wipe dust, snow and rain from the windshield for a better view when or not driving. Generally, within some months of usage, best wiper blades need to be replaced because of being worn out. Replacing wipers is not a hard task and you can do it yourself.

Be familiar with the wiper part to be changed

Generally, wipers have three parts namely: rubber blade for wiping the windshield, lower wiper arm, and the plastic or metal blade joined to the lower arm. When replacement is done, it is the rubber blade part that is changed

Get the correct measurements of the blade by measuring

Before buying the runner blades, you need to measure the old ones to get the correct size. You can use a measuring tape or ruler to measure. Always remember that the right and left blades are not the same so both need to be measured.

Lift the plastic or metal wiper arm from the windshield

When you raise the arm, it will reach a point where it will hold steady, such that it will be perpendicular to the windshield. Take great care when lifting as it may slip and slam back breaking the windshield.

Unfasten the worn out rubber blade

You should unhook it where the metal arm meets the rubber blade. Normally, what hold them together is some stopper which needs to be pressed for it to unhook. You may find that some wiper designs have no stoppers but instead have pins.

To avoid accidents, it’s better to place a towel on the windshield so that even if the wiper comes snapping back, it cannot break it.

Fix the new wiper to the metal arm

Slip the new wiper onto the metal arm that was holding the old wiper. Make sure the hooks securely hold the arm and the rubber blade in place. Lastly, slowly return the wiper back to be in its original position which is against the windshield.