Find Out Who’S Talking About Bed Sheets And Why You Should Be Concerned

Ever wondered how often to wash your bed sheets? Maybe your skin has broken out in a rash or you have found yourself itching a lot lately. Whatever the case, your sheets may be the cause of all of your health troubles. What should you do? Find out below who’s talking about best bed sheets and why you should be concerned.

Unwashed Bedsheets Lead to Health Problems

Hygiene Doctor, Dr.Lisa Ackerley, claims there are many reasons to keep your sheets cleaned regularly. Going for long periods of time without washing sheets can lead to exposure to germs, bacteria, and viruses. Some of the health problems inherited from dirty bed sheets can lead to serious health issues that are difficult and take a long time to heal (such as contagious toenail fungus).

However there are a number of other health concerns you will want to be aware of, such as yeast infections and allergies from dust mites. When you think of all of the things sheets can contain it’s really not all that surprising how serious your health can be affected from it the longer your bed sheets go in between washes. From saliva and fecal matter to bodily fluids and dry skin flakes, your sheets can become a breeding ground for staphylococcus aureus. The bacteria transfers onto the material from human skin. It can also reside in a healthy person’s nose.

Find Out Who'S Talking About Bed Sheets And Why You Should Be Concerned

Prevention is Key

When you wash bed sheets regularly you kill off all of the things that can make you sick. The recommended frequency is every week or every two weeks max. Be sure to use the warmest setting possible with your bed sheets. If you have to wash them in colder water (30 – 40 degrees) with laundry cleanser will do the trick. More durable fabrics can be washed on hotter settings.

Sick Days

Everyone gets sick sometimes. On those days it’s best to wash your bed sheets every day or every other day until the person or people recover fully. Ill individuals can pass on germs and bacteria much more frequently than healthy ones. Be sure to use the warmest setting possible on your sheets to ensure they do not remain a breeding ground for germs and viruses. Using a cool wash cycle without any or enough detergent allows the bad bacteria and viruses to exist unharmed.

Keep germs, viruses, and other harmful bacteria at bay by washing your bed sheets regularly. Also be sure to wash your pajamas at least every three days if not more frequently, especially when someone in your home is sick. Daily showers can really cut down on the spread of germs too. Don’t have time to take a shower? Just the act of washing your hands right before you go to bed can help too. Have pets? Make sure to put a small blanket down for them toward the foot of the bed. Wash it once per week to keep down allergens. Just following a few simple tips will greatly improve your health or your family’s health.